I found another bottle of SABON’s body scrub, and immediately started using it.

The sweet and hanging rose scent will not overly assert itself. It is very suitable for summer use. It should be a taste that no one will hate, and it is also a very popular flavor in its home. But I personally prefer his unsweetened Musk musk.

The frosted particles are light pink, and the appearance is really high. Although the particles are quite fine to the naked eye, they will still feel a little painful when applied to the body. I find it acceptable, and I always feel that a sore scrub would be better.

Used every two weeks, the body scrub exfoliates dead skin to reveal the underlying layer of fresh skin cells. Using deep-sea salt coated with macadamia, almond, and soybean oils, the body scrub gently and smoothly exfoliates dead skin.

After the dead skin is removed, newer, healthier skin emerges, giving you a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Regardless of your age or skin tone, the Rose Tea Body Scrub leaves your skin radiant and pleasantly scented.


$31.00/ 10.8 Oz


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