This time I bought one of my favorite flavors from Sabon’s house – Musk.

Musk, I have used a super large bottle of scrub with the same smell before. The scrub particles are not too small, but they are very moisturizing after washing. The most important thing is that the smell is really healing when you take a bath!

Sabon’s bath oil smells great, comes in a large glass pump jar, and looks really luxurious. This bath oil lasts for a long time because of the size and it’s a great value because you get a lot for what you pay for and the quality is very good.

Sabon’s mission is to provide everyday affordable luxury and bring the spa experience into the home. The packaging is recyclable and comes in old-fashioned glass jars that can be used again and again to store bath salts and liquids.

After using it, I still miss the taste of musk.




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