My Favorite Body Scrub for Dry Skin!

The salt block looks thick, but it dissolves quickly and smoothly. It leaves an oily film on the skin after rinsing, which is not ideal for some people, but it works great for my dry skin.

I often skip body lotion after using it. I’ve read other reviews that the metal cover will rust if left in the bathroom, but so far I haven’t had that happen to me. The mango kiwi scent is super fruity and delicious!

Their products smell great! I actually don’t use a body scrub because it makes my skin greasy and although their scrubs contain oil, it doesn’t make my skin oily and sticky.

These scrubs are literally a spa in a jar. Not only do they deeply exfoliate, but they smell great and leave your skin feeling moisturized too. This scrub worked wonders for my KP, have you used it?




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