I haven’t used a product like Sabon Fabric Mist – Linen & White Peony, but I’ve since found that it works.

Instead of blowing on the scent of the room, blow on the cushion covers and curtains. Aroma of “Earl Grey” black tea with bergamot flavor. Elegant sweetness and freshness come together to spread comfortably. Spray it on the pillowcase and enter the dreamland with a faint fragrance.

Based on a unique, improved and more environmentally friendly formula, the new SABON fabric spray refreshes and leaves a lasting, delicate and pleasant fragrance on clothes, furniture, bed linen, curtains, mattresses and closets.

Even those who are not good at strong fragrances can enjoy the fluffy scent outside. The scent spreads slightly with the handkerchief in the bag, and I feel a little happy every time I open the bag.

It takes about an hour to smell the fragrance. It gradually transforms into a mild scent. This product is perfect when you want to enjoy a scent that is milder than perfume.





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