Sabon bath and body care products have always had a special part in my bath and shower routine. I especially love the Sabon Delicate Jasmine Body Lotion.

It comes in a curved glass bottle with a swivel metal cap that can be replaced with the plastic pump that comes with the product. I love the idea of ​​a pump, but I’ve never embraced a glass bottle, which in my opinion is always a fragile container that can be accidentally broken at any time.

A blend of natural oils, including olive oil, avocado, borage and wheat germ, rich in omega 3+6+7+9 and vitamins A and E in a beautiful glass bottle. How soothing is this body lotion? Let me count: a light, fresh jasmine scent that lingers softly (and isn’t overwhelmingly floral), the nourishing non-greasy formula absorbs quickly; and it’s gentle.

My skin is never dry. But…as time goes on, my skin gets dry every winter and I have to use a lot of body lotion. Unfortunately, not everyone is as moisturizing as I would like, but this Sabon body lotion is definitely one of the most moisturizing body lotions I’ve ever used.

This is an excellent product, it smells great (literally “refined”), leaves the skin soft and moderately hydrated.

I will repurchase!




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