This new bath oil is also luxurious and very good.

Citrus Blossom has a fruity and fresh floral fragrance, because it is like bergamot, citrus, and then mixed with some jasmine and orange blossom.

Love this product, the fragrance is great, the texture is nice, hydrates the skin without being too oily!

This bath oil lathers well and the scent is amazing. My boss loves the scent and I was hesitant to buy it at first as it is an expensive commitment. I’m amazed that the extra money is totally worth it to me! !

Fragrance is good. Wish it could be more hydrating as I still feel dry after using it in winter. Wish there was an eco-friendly 500ml refill version available. I don’t think it’s necessary to use a glass bottle.

I will definitely buy again and save to try all the bath oils and scrubs.




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